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Spirit-Inspired Professional Trainings & Short Courses

in Theatre & the Performing Arts




is a new training & research initiative in theatre & the performing arts

PerformInternational launched the first Bespoke Performance Training with the an eight-week project in January 2016.

The aim of this training is to provide individuals who have started their training in the English language in other locations with the opportunity to complete a training in the performing arts based in anthroposophy.  

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PerformInternational & Rudolf Steiner House presents 


18th - 21st, 27th - 28th May at 7.30pm
(21st & 28th May at 3pm)
2nd - 4th, 9th - 11th June at 7.30pm
(4th June at 3pm)

To book: Online - www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/perform-international-9590356837

By Phone - 020 7724 7699

At the Box Office - Steiner Theatre, NW1 6XT
Monday to Friday : 12 noon - 3pm, 4pm - 7.30pm Saturday : 10am - 6.00pm


Romeo and Juliet, probably the best known love story in the world, addresses the theme of love in a particular context, one of hate, violence and aggression. Families feud with families, individuals taunt and spew accusations and insults at each other, sticks and swords are drawn at the drop of a hat and the atmosphere of Verona – or London or any city in our troubled world – you can cut with a knife.


How can love like Romeo’s, like Juliet’s, so fragile, so tender, so true, so intense – not words we necessarily feel comfortable using today - be born and live in such an atmosphere? It seems impossible, and yet it happens.


It survives for so short a time and it dies. Yet it transforms, transforms the hate, the violence and aggression. Yes, it is possible to change; nothing is set in stone, least of all those extraordinary creatures, human beings. The consequences that everyone involved draw from the deaths of Romeo and Juliet show us that we can do things differently, however world-weary we may have become. The deaths can give us hope that we, too, can not only change ourselves, but by changing ourselves, make change happen around us.







The three-, four- or five-year professional training has two aims:

to renew for the twenty-first century and integrate the work begun by Rudolf & Marie Steiner in the field of artistic speech & drama with what the Russian actor Michael Chekhov further developed in theatre & acting.

to create a rigorous professional training in theatre and the performing arts that enables graduates to begin an independent professional life in performance and teaching and qualifies them to take up training in education & therapy at postgraduate level.


PerformInternational’s research aims to integrate the principles common to Creative Speech and Michael Chekhov’s technique, and so renew and deepen impulses that were born one hundred years ago. We wish these techniques to find their place beside other, currently better-known methods of speaking and acting taught in mainstream trainings.